Tuesday, May 18, 2010


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Monday, May 17, 2010

Las Vegas-Part 3

I was going to finish off Vegas by telling you guys things to do... but let's be serious... everyone knows what to do in Vegas! Therefore, I'm just going to do a quick run down of some out of the ordinary and ordinary activities Vegas has to offer.

First off, Casinos! Duh, right but what some might not know is that most of the casinos have a free activity, show or demonstration. Sounds weird but actually cool, I highly recommend just walking the strip and deciding to play a little bit at each casino and seeing what each one has to offer, they are all very different. For example, MGM has a very cool Lion habitat and the trainers come out and demonstrate and tell you a little bit about their lions (remember the Lion in the beginning of every MGM movie?). Mandalay Bay has a really cool aquarium and shark exhibit (but I think you need to purchase tickets for this...), Bellagio has the water fountain show and inside the casino is their gorgeous garden area that they change up very frequently to match the seasons or any upcoming holiday and of course they go over the top with whatever they do!

We were in LV right after christmas, this polar bear is all flowers

The Paris (right across the street) has an awesome replica of the Eiffel Tower and you can even go up in it. The line can be very long (a lot like the real one) but the views of the Las Vegas Blvd is just breath taking.

Caesars Palace is just cool enough without any shows but you might be able to catch a Roman soldier walking around and take a pic with him.

Mirage has their famous erupting volcano but sad to say I have never be able to catch that show. Treasure Island has a very elaborate water show that you can just stand on the Blvd and watch. It gets VERY crowded so plan ahead (whether just walking by or if you want to get a good watching place.) Last summer, we were staying at Treasure Island and decided to try the Oxygen Bar the last day. After many long days and nights we thought it sounded pretty relaxing and it actually kinda was (especially when we were getting our shoulders messaged at the same time :)

Lauren and I enjoying our Oxygen

So there are the free shows and exhibits but the TRUE entertainment in the world class shows located just feet from each other. I LOVE going to the theather and in LV the shows are spectacular. I have my favorites that I am going to recomend but know that LV is always creating new shows so there could be some new ones that I havent even gotten a chance to see yet (which hopefully I will be when I go back in June :)

I have had the privilege of seeing many Cirque du So lei shows and some of my favorites are in LV. My most recent show was Beatles LOVE, it was soooo wonderful that I became teary eyed (I am a HUGE Beatles lover). If you love their music, love Cirque shows or even just want to see an amazing show this is my first and favorite pick (also, a great show for kids or younger adults. My next favorite is Cirque's O located at Bellagio. It is a water show/stage show and it is truly a work of art. I tell people that have never been to LV, that this must be their first show they go see. It is so spectacular but it is a little long so if you pick the 9pm show and you are not used to the time change, make sure you have some caffeine prior because you will get tired. I have seen Blue Man group and I know they have been around the world but it is a great show and if you havent seen it yet then LV is a great place to catch the show. There are many many many more shows to catch but I just wanted to talk about my favs. Also, there is a discounted ticket stand so if you decide on a whim to go see a show make sure you check out the discounted tickets but go early because the shows sell out fast!

Be sure to save your birthday, christmas or new winnings money for all the shopping in LV! It is a shoppers paradise, for real! I have one suggestion though... do not drink and shop. I have found that out the hard way after these...

LV sells alcohol everywhere! You can walk up and down the strip with drink in hand. It is a weird feeling at first and kinda fun. But it leads to many purchases that you might regret later or wonder why you thought it looked cute on you.

And last but certainly not least... Clubs. There are soooooo many fun awesome clubs to go to while in LV. If you are a woman with your girlfriends you will have NO problem at all getting in and even for free at many spots but once you add some males into the mix things become a little difficult. Be prepared to have to pay and maybe even stand in lines (the worst!), but be mindful when walking on the strip there are so many promotors handing out access passes and can put your name on their list. Just be on the lookout if your planning a night out at the clubs.

While your in LV, dont forget to check out the Hoover Damn. It is about an hour drive away and there are many tour groups that go out there or you could just rent a car and make a relaxing day out of it. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little bored on the actual tour of the damn but the view is gorgeous and seeing it in person makes you wonder how men could make something so huge.