Friday, April 30, 2010

Dallas-Lemon Bar

While I'm working on the last post for Vegas, I decided to do a short post for a local brunch spot P and I tried out a few weekends ago... Lemon Bar. Up to now, I feel the post have been pretty informative and positive and that can only be entertaining for so long...right... everyone loves a little controversy :) therefore our experience at Lemon Bar was terrible!!!

I am not a big complainer (P would prob argue that :) so the fact that I will NEVER go back to this place is saying a lot! We were surprisingly up early on a Sunday and wanted to grab some food before an appointment we had so we decided to Brunch it up. In Dallas, if you want to go to a popular brunch spot plan on waiting at least an hour. Well on this day we had an appointment at 12:30 and we needed somewhere that we could get in and get out but still have a yummy brunch.

While driving past our fav spots and seeing how packed they were we headed over to the West Village area and saw Lemon Bar (LB) and there were some open tables (I now know why...). We walk up and after hearing the blaring pop music coming from inside the restaurant we decided to sit outside on the porch even though it was kinda chilly for me. The hostess walked us over to a 2 person table right next (if I would have strechted out my arm I would have touched the guy) to a large group of people and a guy smoking a full cigar at 11:30 in the morning. I was gagging and we turned right around and asked for a table as far away as possible from the cigar man. I looked around and realized there were more people smoking and it wasn't just cigars (i actually like cigar smoke smell just not early in the morning) so LB's smoking section is their patio which is a BIG shame bc patios are the best! (which I thought was not allowed in Dallas anymore but I guess i was wrong)

Pigs in a Blanket, aka Heart Attack on a plate it is sausage with scrabbled eggs inside with bacon wrapped around it and the whole thing is fried served with syrup.

We sit down and take a look at their brunch menu, it was literally the smallest brunch menu ever... only 8 items and all 8 were not your typical brunch fair. After all that had already turned me off from this place, the fact they didn't have quiche on their brunch menu just about put me over the edge. P ordered Pigs in a Blanket and I stuck with warm coffee to keep me warm. I was trying to like this place and I was hoping the food would be good... and it wasnt. P had two bites and didn't even want to finish his Pigs. The potatos were good though and surprisingly the service was not bad either! If your looking for a spot to meet up with your friends that are still partying or are wanting to keep partying from the night before this is a place for you! Hopefully other people have a better experience then I did and I might think about going back for drinks but NEVER brunch ever again!

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