Friday, April 2, 2010


So last weekend, Patrick and I went to meet up with our friend Thanh at a 'new' restaurant (the restaurant is not new, just new to us ;). I have come to realize when living in a certain place long enough, you feel that you have done just about all there is to do and in our case, eaten about everywhere there is to eat. We are now realizing, we were so wrong...

We met up with Thanh at Lumi for some lazy saturday afternoon drinks and patio time. Patrick and I pull up to the restaurant and we instantly wonder why we have not come here before. It is right on McKinney Ave (a main street in Uptown Dallas) a few restaurants down from Primos and is located in the cutest restored old house.

It has a modern-chic vibe but is still very casual. I love restaurants that are designed this way. I feel like you do not see many like this in Dallas and as a girl that wishes she lived in NYC or L.A. this is a nice refresher that Dallas is some-what 'cool'.

Anyways, we got there a little later than the original plan so we opted to sit inside at the bar since the weather had turned cool and it was dinner time now (not to mention a very big March Madness game was conveniently on the flat screen in the bar area). After looking over the delicious menu we couldn't even begin to decided what we wanted to order, everything sounded so delicious! Lumi is an asian/latin fusion restaurant and they do a sublime job on rounding out the two cuisines. The boys order a glass of, very budget friendly, Napa Cabrenet and I opt for the Hot Chrysanthemum Flower Tea (i don't know why I chose that, I was in a weird mood that day) it was so amazing. They bring you a whole pot of tea for $4.00 and it was so refreshing and just hits the spot if you are a tea lover. They bring you out these little fried nuddles befor your meal and they are so good, melt in your mouth literally.

Yummy Fried Noodles

Chrysanthemum Flower Tea

Our first dish we decide on was Fresh Vietnamese Summer Rolls ($6.50), I mean sooooooooo yummy. I feel like the three of us (patrick, thanh and I ) could call ourselves 'spring roll conosuers' , we know our stuff when it comes to spring rolls (thanh is vietnamese so that gives us legitimacy right there...) and these were amazing. These were suppose to be only Patrick's but after Thanh and I both got ahold of them we were in need of some more food. Thanh order Spicy Sriracha Buffalo Wings ($7.50) these boys love them some spicy wings, and they loved these!


Next items up were the Poblano Pepper and Chicken soup ($6.00) and Chinese 5 spice Duck and Leek Dumplings ($7.50). The soup was so delicious, it was like an asian take on tortilla soup and had a little thicker of a broth. It was the perfect about of spice and comfort rolled up into a nice little bowl of yummy soup!


The poor dumplings never got a picture because we were so excited when they finally showed up that we didn't even think about taking a picture we just all dug right into them. The dumplings were amazing. I can't wait to go back and try all the flavor and the Empanadas!

My Lumi experience was almost perfect except for the service. I think we didn't have the best of service due to sitting in the bar area. It seemed like the poor bartender was doing everything from taking orders to making the drinks as well. I would and am going back but I might just choose to sit at a table next time if I am going to be ordering food. The next time your in Dallas and looking for a nice, casual evening, I HIGHLY suggest trying Lumi and I do not that you will be disappointed!

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