Saturday, March 20, 2010


This is the final post for Bora Bora. So sad for me, because if you couldn't tell, this was the most amazing trip I have ever taken in my life... it will probably be the only one as well :)

Ok so for activities to do while in Bora Bora there is as little as you want or as much as you want. The Four Seasons offers a lot of activities on site at the resort. I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but the Four Season has been only open for a little over a year and so all of the equipment and everything on the property is nice and new! There is a wonderful fitness and spa center. Patrick and I got the most AMAZING couples spa treatment in our own little hut over looking the ocean. It was so tranquil and un-real. Got my first hot stone message, AWESOME!

Patrick and I rented paddle boards and paddled around the lagoon. It was really fun but hard work. No one (Patrick) taught me how to correctly paddle and I just kept going in circles, but once I found out how to paddle things got a lot better!

I am a big beach bum so I was in heaven. Yes, this is a picture we actually took! Its like a postcard its so beautiful! Grab a chair, a book (twilight for me) and a wonderful Mai Tai! We had a lot of those everyday ;)
So another great activity that is a must, is swimming with Sting Rays and Sharks! They take you out to a beautiful coral reef where you can snorkel and then the Rays start coming. They literally know the boat and as soon as they see it they start flooding the reef. There are SO many of them that I got little scared but most of the people where fine.

Yes! This is an actual shark that was swimming while your suppose to be snorkeling with them! I did not, however, jump in with everyone else! It was just too much swimming with wild animals for me by this point. Not to mention I got bit by the Sting Ray, ok more like I hot a hickey from one of them but it still scared me!
Patrick snorkeling with the sharks
Another fun thing we did, was a sunset cruise with a professional photographer. We didn't even thing about that when your on your honeymoon, it is just you two so its hard to ask people that speak a foreign language to always take pictures of you and we have a fancy camera so that didn't help much either.

Ok so it was the last day, one too many mai tais at the pool, and Patrick and I had the genius idea of getting tattoos. We both had always wanted one and had tried to get one with Lindsey down in Austin but the guy wouldn't do what we wanted so we bailed. Well while in Bora we just thought why not. We called the concierge and he told us that there was only 1 tatoo place on the whole island and they would send a boat for them and bring them to the resort! Wow, what service huh!!!! Well I guess it was a busy tatoo kinda day and they called back saying they were too busy and we would have to go to the main island. So we head out having no idea what kind of tatoo we even wanted.
In Bora, they will never draw the same tattoo ever again. So we tell the guy what we want our tattoos to represent and he just starts drawing -free hand- on my wrist. (Yes, I had to go first) He finishes drawing and I loved it and the tattooing begins... I thought I had a high pain tolerance but the pain was nothing I ever imagined! Luckily it was over in less then 10 mins...whoa!

Patrick's took a little longer, about 45 mins and he was in some pain! My tattoo has the symbols for man and woman with the sign of love and eternity in the middle. Patrick's has the same symbols but also the sign for land and protection.

Goodbye Bora, Hello L.A!

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  1. love it guys! love the blog and all the amazingness of bora. gotta go there. its so fantastic. miss yall. had so much fun skiing with yall!!