Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bora-Food! part 1

Ok let's be real, if your anything like me (and I hope you aren't) all you care about is the food. Luckily I was so busy with the wedding that I never even thought about how we were going to even eat on this vacation... and boy did we eat. There are 5 restaurants on the resort property. Patrick and I ate at everyone, and then some... room service and then one night we had dinner served at our room (more on that in a sec...). Our favorite food of all the restaurants at the resort, was the pool side menu! I know what your thinking..."really the pool?", but yes the shrimp and curry pita is to die for and so are the fries and pretty much everything on the menu! There is the Sunset Bar that boast spectacular views of the lagoon and the main island and the menu there is small but nice. It is mainly made up of sushi and a few rolls. Patrick and I dined there a couple of times for dinner if we had a late lunch out by the pool. Seriously, don't miss out on eating at the pool! * Click on the link attached in this entry for the exact names for the all the dinning options as I am too lazy right now to complete exact can just do it right...*
The food located at the restaurants was delicious, but somethings are better than others. At times, Patrick and I found ourselves wondering how fresh the ingredients are considering the resort is basically on its own island in the middle of no where and some entrees didn't always taste that fresh. But overall I would give the resort food, B+.
This was our first night at dinner Aril Moana

Yum, Patrick ALWAYS takes pictures of me right in mid eating...

Ok so these pictures are of the In-Bungalow Dinning I had mentioned a little bit ago. You pick from a few choices of set menus and you need to give them at least 24 hour notice but you have a resort staff come to your bungalow and serves you dinner. It is the most wonderful experience. They decorate with table linens, candles, floral centerpieces and all the works. The staff stays and waits on you hand and foot during dinner. It is so fun to be relaxed and causal in your room but getting the service of sitting in the formal restaurant. They serve you about a 4-5 course meal complete with a glass of champagne before the meal even begins. I defiantly recommend doing this if you are celebrating a special event as honeymooning or anniversary or just there with your companion.

I just had to post this picture. This is the view of the ski from that night on our back porch. In Bora, the moon is SO big and bright. It lights up the entire ski like a spotlight.

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  1. that moon is gorgeous!! wow!! and the food!! gosh, i love it. and, wow, this blog is fantastic...i love the layout..