Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bora Bora

After a night of some good sleep, it is time to look around the hotel a bit and then head to the airport for the flight to Bora Bora. The flight to Bora is about 30 mins. and the plane is a decent size. A little bigger than an American Eagle plane if you are familiar with that at all. Once you arrive in Bora, all the resorts have boats ready to take you to the island. I felt like it was literally planes, trains, and automobiles but just with boats instead ha ha. The boats ride is about 15 mins and the view is breath-taking the whole way that you forget about all the traveling that it took to finally get there.

The main language that is spoken is French but there is also a local language that you will here spoken as well. Patrick and I tried so hard to pick up a few words to try to blend it (told you we like to act like locals) like "hello" and "thank you" but it is very hard to pick up if your not used to it. "Hello" is "ia ora na" and "thank you" is "mauruuru" just FYI. Everyone is SO friendly and can speak if not great english pretty decent english. They also speak French if you feel more comfortable with that (I'm jealious of anyone who can speak another language, that is a lifetime goal of mine...

Bora Bora is comprised up of "motus' " which are small islands and one main island. The locals live on many of these motus' and they canoe to the main island for work each day. There is something relaxing about watching a single man rowing a canoe early in the morning for work.

Anyways, many of the resorts are located on a motu, as was ours. There is not a lot to do in Bora Bora because so much of it is still pristine and untouched. It has not been ruined by tourism yet so everything is very authentic! Patrick and I are very picky travelers. We like to eat like locals, act like locals, but still be able to enjoy a 5 star resort and fine dining if we would like(I know I know... I said we were picky) but Bora Bora has all of that and more!

The currency is French Polynesian and I am not sure of the conversion, we just charged everything to our hotel room basically ha ha. Ok if many of you are sun worshipers like myself this section is for you. I am not sure about all the scientific elevations or where Bora is situated on the earth's axis but I do know this... the sun is VERY hot! I made the mistake of not bringing any sunscreen past SPF 5 and boy was I regretting that decision! The sun is just so much stronger there. I swear it feels like you are sitting right under it. It's not that is that much hotter temperature wise, just the sun beams are much more radiant. Patrick and I got so burnt the first day that what tan we did get, peeled off right when we returned home... it was very sad for me! So when planning a trip to Bora Bora please remember to pack ( and I am not joking at all) SPF 30 because I PROMISE you will get so dark and tan and hopefully not red!

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