Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Santa Monica, California- part 2

So sorry for the extra long post about Santa Monica, I guess there is just so much fun stuff I couldn't put it all into one post. After a great nights rest, Patrick and I set out for our final day in California!
We were starving (re-reading the previous blog, I can't believe that we even could eat the next day!) and our bell hop told us we MUST go eat at Swingers. Just a quick 5 min drive from the hotel is Swingers diner. The decor is so cute, very 1950's eclectic and just reminds you of a true diner back in the day. In Dallas, we do not have many diners especially the 'old school' kind and Patrick and I were in love. Not to mention that Swingers has been featured on DDD (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives) on the Food Network (another of the FAV tv shows that I religiously watch!) and in Knocked Up. Apparently Swingers is Judd Apatow's favorite saturday morning breakfast stop and that is why it is in Knocked Up (not sure about the actual correctness of that statement...). Anyways the food is DELICIOUS!!!!! They have just about everything... and I mean everything! I had the most moist and scrumptious vegan cinnamon roll, some healthy egg whites and turkey bacon while P went the Tex-Mex route and had a HUGE breakfast burrito with all the fixin's. After stuffing ourselves for like the 234,379,572,397 time, we drove to the Santa Monica pier to try to burn off some of the calories we had just ingested.

View from the pier. So pretty. Thats Malibu in the distance
Here is where the fun begins!
This is how close Shutter's (our hotel) is to the pier. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Patrick trying to win me a prize... hence, trying...

YAY he made a basket!!!! and now we have a purple monkey!
Our trusty 'stang that got us around everywhere.

It was sad to leave the beautiful beach, sand, sun and fun (as the sign said) but it was time for us to head back to Dallas.

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